Meadowbirds – Taking off

The typical Dutch rural landscape with its meadowbirds is quickly disappearing. In the beginning of the 1900s many bird species became more numerous due to agricultural intensification. But as meadows started to look more and more like grass factories those numbers were, and still are, dropping quickly. Where you could see and hear godwits, lapwings and redshanks it now remains silent and empty. Some species have almost disappeared as breeding birds in the Netherlands, while others try to change their doomed destiny by inhabiting urban areas. Soon the meadowbirds will be part of our rich Dutch cultural history. 


From July 19th to September 20th, 2020 the paintings will be exhibited at Het Natuurhistorisch in Rotterdam. The oil paintings will be accompanied by stuffed meadowbirds from the museums collection and graphs and information about the drastic decline of meadowbirds in the Netherlands. The focus however will lie on our role in the future of these birds. Do we take actions that will help them to recover?


The exhibition will contribute to the conservation of the meadowbirds. Per sold work 500 euros will support a project by the Dutch Birdlife partner Vogelbescherming Nederland. By purchasing one of the birds you will directly help to secure a better future for the birds. The framed works cost 2750 euros each.

The Godwit, Oystercatcher and Curlew are sold/reserved.


Art Project
Art project