Mijn stem (my voice/vote)

After joining the Climate March in Amsterdam on November 6th, 2021 I felt the urge to make an art project about it. In The Netherlands we vote with a red pencil during our elections and I was allowed to keep my last pencil. Via Instagram I collected pictures of people who were present at the Climate March. On a 10 meter scroll (60 cm high) I started drawing the people and their signs. I covered about 4,5 metres before I ran out of pencil. In this way I want to make people aware of their vote, express my own concerns about climate change and show how our individual vote is limited. 

KlimaatExpo ’22

This work was selected for the exhibition KlimaatExpo ’22 by Artworlds and Museum De Fundatie. It will be visible in Het Academiehuis, Grote Kerk in Zwolle from September 17th until December 4th 2022. 


Art Project
Art project