In our human society people do not like to be generalised. We are individuals with different habits, characters and needs. But as soon as we look at wild animals we do not tend to speak about individuals rather than species. Although everyone who once owned pets knows that there are big differences between individual animals of the same species. For me it is inspiring to look at birds in the same way. Colour banded birds give the opportunity to do so as individuals are easily recognisable. This Egyptian Goose bears a yellow F and a blue T (YFBT) and was banded in Amsterdam in 2008. After a detour to Texel it settled at the most beautiful spot in Delft to start a family. During the year 2018 I followed the bird to find out more about his personality.

I combined cyanotypes with aquarelle to embed the exotic species in the typical Delft Blue landscape.


Art Project
Art project